Neovim Config for Linux User

Neovim (for Linux User) #

  • Download neovim, and place it inside your PATH, I would suggest rename it to vim
  • as root Install Nodejs/yarn:
  • Install plug.vim
git clone
# inside dotconfig folder
cd dotconfig
curl -fLo ~/.config/nvim/autoload/plug.vim --create-dirs
cp neovim/* ~/.config/nvim/
mkdir -p ~/.config/nvim/plugged; mkdir -p ~/.config/nvim/autoload/
  • neovim/vim then :PlugInstall
  • cd ~/.local/share/nvim/plugged/coc.nvim/; yarn install, if have network troulbe , check ~/.npmrc
  • sudo apt-get install fonts-powerline silversearcher-ag for powerline and Ag Search
  • gitgutter install follow its way.
  • vim-fugitive for Git related cmd, follow bellow way to install.
mkdir -p ~/.config/nvim/pack/tpope/start
cd ~/.config/nvim/pack/tpope/start
git clone
vim -u NONE -c "helptags fugitive/doc" -c q
  • when sshed from source box to target box, use vim yank copy text to source box clipboard, you should enable X11 Forward
  • example host config inside ~/.ssh/config
Host TargetBox
 User xx
 Hostname xxxxxxx
     ForwardX11 yes

Vim Coding tips #

- <leader> is ,
- <leader>cc, <leader>cs <leader>cu  # comment and uncomment <>
- <leader>b, r, t  # golang code Build,Run,Test
- [g, ]g   # go to error position
- C-m, C-a # go code error switch and close
- gd,gy,gi,gr  # c-o for go back
- gn,gp  # switch buffer
- C-6, Buffers # Switch recent 2 buffer, List all the Buffers
- gD  # open Defination window in new Tab (easily switch left and right)
- C-l,C-h,C-n  #tab left, right, new
- zR, zM  # Markdown fold and unfold
- K # check func doc
- % # for jump between parenthesis
- `<leader>` rn  # rename golang val/func name
- code snips under ~/.config/nvim/plugged/vim-go/gosnippets/UltiSnips/go.snippets
- C-i # code snip complate
- Files, History, Commits, GFiles? , Maps, Snippets # fzf tips
- Gwrite(Gw), Gcommit, Gblame  # for git operation
- Buffers(Bu)  # Browse and Switch Buffers
- Colors  # change colorscheme
- :Ag # for code search
- shift + Up/Down for scroll inside the preview window
- C-/ to switch on/off preview

NerdTree tips #

  • t,T for open new tab
  • ? for help
  • m-p for copy path into clipboard