PacGen #

Github Repo

What #

  • Proxy Pac file Generator, local web server serve pac file.
  • Config Browser proxy with PAC url: http://loalhost:8001
  • Different domains using different proxies. For example:
    • with Outer Special proxy to access Gmail.
    • with Corp proxy to access corperations' internal sites.


Why #

  • I love to use proxy for accessing sites, it’s always clean and easy to troubleshooting.
  • With fine-tuned domains inside Pac file, I can reach any site with best speed.
  • That’s why I start this pacgen project, to mapping [domains] => [proxy] easily.
  • Those domains which not matching any rules will access directly.

How to Run it #

  • Copy proxy domains folder
  cp -r proxy-domains-example proxy-domains
  • Modify outer/internal domains txt file inside proxy-domains
  • Modify config.toml in root of project:
    • define different proxies for each domain txt file inside proxy-domains
  • Run it
go build && ./pacgen -config ./config.toml
  • Browser proxy settings with PAC url: http://loalhost:8001/


  • Auto reload proxy-domains files